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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

You become a member by completing the registration process. Membership to Rankk is free! Your journey begins here.

How do I start playing?

Once logged in, you are presented with a figure of the Pyramid and a list of challenges for Level 1 below it. To start attempting a challenge, click on any of the listed challenges.

What skills do I need to play?

In order to solve the first few challenges, it's important you know simple arithmetics.

Knowing Javascript helps too, not just for the basic levels but even for the higher ones. As you move up the level, it's necessary for you to acquaint yourself with at least one programming language.

Other skills can be learnt or discovered along the way, by researching or solving challenges on other sites.

While knowledge and skills are essential to attaining a high rank, equally important is a good dose of curiosity and perseverance.

I can't access the challenges beyond the base level.

This is intentional. You need to complete the minimum number of challenges on the level of the pyramid you're at in order to access the ones above. This minimum number is determined by the number of cells for that level: 9 for Level 1, 8 for Level 2, 7 for Level 3 and so forth. Additional challenges you solve for the levels below your current level earn you new points.

Is the solution case-sensitive?

Yes and no. In general, you would have a fair idea of what case the solution is. If in doubt, try all the reasonable possibilities.

How many times can I attempt a challenge?

Brute-forcing is not the way. Most challenges, especially the ones that require time-sensitive solutions, can be solved within a reasonable number of times if the problem is correctly understood.

In the event of persistent brute-forcing, actions will be taken to block the user from the site for the period of time until the matter is resolved.

Do the challenge titles mean anything?

Yes, the titles are intended to provide subtle hints. Most, but not all, are meaningful to the challenges.

I'm stuck!

Think about whether you need to change your assumption about the challenge or about what the solution is. Taking your focus off the challenge and tackling challenges on other sites help too.

How are the challenge points computed?

The points for each challenge are determined by the levels. So, a Level 1 challenge is worth 1 point, a level 2 challenge is worth 2 points and so forth.

How is the ranking determined?

If A has more points than B, then A is ranked higher than B regardless of the number of solved challenges. If both have the same points, then the player with more solved challenges is placed higher in the ranking.

How do I get the medals?

You get a medal when you achieve a certain percentage completion of challenges at each level. Here're the breakdowns:

Levels 1 to 7

  • Gold Medal: 100% completed
  • Silver Medal: > 80% completed
  • Bronze Medal: > 60% completed

Level 8

  • Gold Medal: 3 of 3 challenges solved
  • Silver Medal: 2 of 3 challenges solved
  • Bronze Medal: 1 of 3 challenges solved

Level 9

  • Gold Medal: 1 of 1 challenge solved

Can I ask questions to clarify a challenge's requirements?

Yes, you're allowed to do so in the forum or through the private message to make clarifications on a challenge. But you should not abuse this freedom to ask for help on a challenge.

What happens if I'm found to have "cheated" to pass the challenges?

If the cheating was excessive, you'll be blacklisted with an asterisk beside your username. You may also be barred from passing the sacred Geb challenge. At the end of the day, it's about playing the game fairly so that the ranking is meaningful.

What are privileges and how do I gain them?

Privileges is another form of rewards besides level and rank achievements to make playing the game more fun and interesting. Each privilege entitles you to a little "power" to modify your user settings. Here's the list of privileges, their corresponding levels and purposes:

  • Privilege 1 (Level 2): Add an avatar
  • Privilege 2 (Level 4): Add a font colour
  • Privilege 3 (Level 6): Use the shoutbox
  • Privilege 4 (Level 8): Disable ads
  • Privilege 5 (Level 9): Disable the typewriter text

Who can use the PM (Private Message)?

All members of the site can use the PM to communicate privately.

Is there a limit to how many PM's I can send or receive?

Yes, there's a limit. You can send or receive a total of 250 messages.

Can I use the PM to email someone?

No, it won't work.

Can I PM multiple users?

Yes, you can do so by delimiting each username with a comma (without any space between them).

Do you read my PM's?

Unless the matter warrants it, such as when a life or limb is threatened, your PM's will remain private.

How can I help the site?

That's easy. Here're a few ways. Choose one :)

  • Inform us of bugs
  • Provide feedback on how to improve the site
  • Recommend Rankk to your friends
  • Link to Rankk from your site
  • Blog about Rankk or your Rankk journey
  • Pitch in challenge ideas or coding them
  • Donate to Rankk to help us defray the cost of hosting

What does XP stand for?

XP stands for eXperience Points. These points indicate how involved and reputatable the member is in the Rankk community. In the forum, your XP value is shown beside your nick in an orange box.

How do I gain XP?

There are basically two ways your XP's are affected. The first is when someone votes your post. If it's an up vote, you gain one XP. If it's a down vote, you lose one XP.

The second way is when you cast a vote on someone's post. You have a 1 in 2 chances of gaining an XP. You don't lose any XP's through voting.

What is the quota about?

Your quota sets the limit of the number of votes you can cast. Your initial quota value is two.

Does my quota value change?

Yes, your quota increases as your XP value increases. Here's the table showing your XP value and the corresponding quota value:

XPsQuota XPsQuota
00 540028
202 700030
504 900032
906 1200034
1508 1600036
25010 2200038
40012 3000040
60014 4000042
90016 5000044
130018 6000046
180020 7000048
240022 8000050
300024 9000052
400026 10000054

When is my quota reset?

Your quota is reset every 6 hours. You get your maximum quota for the next 6 hours after the reset.